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Intuitive Tarot Card Reading

Intuitive Tarot Card Reading


People come for a reading because they are worried about a situation, their future, or they have a serious decision to make and want reassurance they are on the right path to their best life. Having an intuitive reading with me will help you find the answers and empower you to take control of your life’s direction. During your reading with me you will see where you’ve been, where you are now, together with the path that you are currently on. With this new information, you have the chance to take note and change it if you don’t like it or have renewed confidence and reassurance that you can do it – that you are on the right path. An audio copy of the reading will be emailed to together with a photo of the cards which were drawn.
So if you think this is for you, message me today and get booked in!!! This is available in person, my video call or by email.

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